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Vice City PC on May 16th

Rockstar cracks the whip

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Another bit of good news which popped up last Friday after we'd all knocked off for the weekend was the official US and European release dates for the PC version of Vice City. It's always good to see UK development announcements released to appear first in the US press - thanks Rockstar!

Anyway, the date PS2-less PC owners will want to remember is May 16th. The game will go out a day earlier in the US. Rockstar president Sam Houser commented: "We felt that we had to truly outdo ourselves when it came to developing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and felt that we owed it to the fans to continue to keep enhancing and delivering the gameplay, cinematic graphics, production values, and audio experience that have become synonymous with the Grand Theft Auto franchise."

Let's hope some of those enhancements and improvements will make the game easier to play and better performing than its PC predecessor.

Source: GameSpot

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