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Oh larks, this one's a true Friday announcement. Take-Two's bottom of the barrel label (sorry), Gotham Games, has penned an agreement with Disney Interactive to publish "Piglet's BIG Game". Disney has been working hard, we're told, to bring some of their most beloved characters including Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Piglet himself to PS2 and GameCube this spring.

"Gotham Games will strategically enter the children's video game market with a company that is recognized as the global leader in family entertainment," said Jamie Leece, Gotham Games president. "With the increasing household penetration rates of video game consoles, we believe that children will become more active gamers."

Anyway, the game is about rescuing Piglet's friends through a series of seven exciting adventures. And yes, he will get to take on the mighty Heffalumps and Woozles, but we're not convinced Piglet's up to the task. I mean, he's a shameless wimp, isn't he? That's his whole character.

Piglet's BIG Game is due out on March 21st - coincidentally the day Walt Disney's Piglet's BIG Movie starts showing. We're not expecting a review copy though, so you may be forced to make up your own mind.

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