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No Return for PC Wolfenstein

Updated Enemy Territory cancelled

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Reports from the US suggest that Activision has cancelled Enemy Territory, the single/multi-player standalone add-on to Gray Matter's fondly remembered Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

It is at this stage unclear exactly why the game was cancelled, but reports cite development difficulties with the single-player portion of the game. The multi-player aspect is to be released as a free download - effectively an official mod for RTCW.

Enemy Territory was being developed by Splash Damage and Mad Doc Software, and early screenshots looked promising.

Development of PS2 and Xbox versions currently underway at Raster Productions, Gray Matter and Nerve Software is not thought to be affected.

Update: Activision refuses to say anything, but sent along this little missive:

id Software and Activision announced today they are canceling the retail release of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Despite a strong effort from talented developers, the single player portion of the game did not progress as anticipated. Canceling the release was a difficult decision made in the best interest of the Wolfenstein franchise and fans. However, we remain excited about the progress and direction of Enemy Territory multiplayer. Over the next several months the focus of our development will be to complete the multiplayer portion of Enemy Territory and provide it as a free downloadable expansion to Return to Castle Wolfenstein. In Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Axis and Allied teams do battle in traditional single scenarios, or wage war through a series of linked scenarios in a totally new campaign mode. During combat players gain experience and skill, and through battlefield promotions are awarded additional abilities that remain persistent across an entire campaign. Additionally, new character classes like the covert operative class as well as an enhanced engineer allow teams to perform reconnaissance, steal enemy uniforms, and construct battlefield structures and military installations in the midst of combat to gain tactical advantages for their team. All new game modes, maps and communication abilities require players and teams to develop advanced strategies and tactics in the struggle for front line domination.

Source: Shacknews

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