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AquaNox out new benchmark

DX9 based

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Image credit: Eurogamer

AquaNox 2 developer Massive Development will soon release the successor to its popular 3D benchmark program, AquaMark 2.3, publisher JoWooD has announced.

The surprisingly named AquaMark 3 will be fully DirectX 9 compatible, using the "krass" engine (which powers AquaNox 2) as its base. This is interesting news for hardware buffs who need something new to crash their rigs with it, but it is also of course interesting to those of us who want to see the limits of the AquaNox 2: Revelation technology ahead of the game's Q2 release date.

AquaMark 3 will be released in March. You will of course need DirectX 9 to run it, but as we all know, as soon as DX goes out of beta everyone has to have it - bugs or no - in order to stand any chance of playing the latest PC games. Bah.

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