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Exclusive Time Crisis 3 vids

Get in here, QuickTime

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ah, Fridays. Particularly this one. You probably feel like shooting someone right about now, and although we can't offer you that service, we can at least offer some videos of a couple of gamers doing just that - via the medium of Namco's Time Crisis 3 arcade machine.

Both of our exclusive vids - ripped straight from the cabinet - weigh in at a fairly minute 6MB, and run for 25 seconds each. There's lots of gameplay footage here, showing the new, multi-weapon Time Crisis off very nicely.

The two vids are available here and here. We suggest right-click-to-save type antics, as they're both QuickTime movies, and your browser will probably attempt to load 'em straight up if you prang the links directly.

Happy capping.

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