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Another Vietnam game

Take-Two, Vivendi, now Infogrames

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Everyone's hopping on the Vietnam bandwagon, and the latest to have hopped up is Infogrames. Line of Sight: Vietnam is being developed by nFusion Interactive, whose previous efforts include Deadly Dozen and, um, Big Game Hunter 6.

But as the name suggests and the publisher's official page confirms, this one has more to do with sharpshooting. "In 1968," the description begins, "US Special Forces in Vietnam began assigning sniper specialists to frontline military units in support of ongoing operations. These skilled marksmen were relied upon to provide cover during troop movements, scout enemy positions and ambush the Vietcong." Line of Sight gives you a go behind the big, long rifle, as you move stealthily through the steaming jungle taking out the lurking enemy.

It all sounds jolly good, and presumably quite far removed from the action in Vietcong and Men Of Valor: Vietnam. Another good thing is the promise of online play (via GameSpy) - and anybody who has ever taken up an AWP in Counter-Strike will confirm just how entertaining that can be.

Source: official website

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