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Midway wants your help

Can't think of a good idea? Ask the public

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It seems so logical. Gamers, as a group, are always whinging about their lot, complaining about the intricacies of games and endlessly lambasting publishers for their role in the downfall of noble ideas. Surely nobody knows this better than poor old Midway, who can't even sell the games which achieve something (Haven, for instance, was actually a rather enjoyable platformer at times, but try convincing anybody else of that!).

Anyway, buoyant after the US success of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, and surely excited at its prospects in the UK, Midway is planning to resurrect another of its ageing franchises - San Francisco Rush - and wants your view on what should go in it.

This survey gives you the opportunity to (anonymously by the look of it) submit feedback on the new project, first asking for your thoughts on past games and then asking what must be in the next one, etc. So if you want track races with ghost cars, multiplayer, realistic physics, an artistic look, handbraking, traffic, pedestrians, cop chases, online play, etc, you can say as much through the medium of checked boxes.

G'wan. Give 'em a hand.

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