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Dark Age Of Camelot gets expanded

Shrouded Isles details lurk within

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Wanadoo has unveiled details of its long awaited Dark Age Of Camelot expansion pack, moodily entitled Shrouded Isles - a pack that overhauls the visuals, the music, and adds three new races, six new classes as well as three new continents.

Cunningly, players who choose to upgrade can still play against those without the add- on, but those with the older version won't be able to see the new features.

Visually, the pack boasts improved frame rate, high-resolution textures, realistic water with reflections, shadows, animation blending, mip-mapping and an all new terrain system.

The pack should be in the shops on February 21st. For a full run down of the exhaustive list of additions to the game head here

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