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Insomniac hints at online project

Suggestive job ad

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US based Insomniac Games shot to fame around here for their work on last year's glossy platform success Ratchet & Clank (No.14 in our Top 50 Games of 2002), having threatened to impress for some time with its Spyro titles. And now it looks like the developer is maintaining its close ties with Sony and working on a new, online project, if this extract from a job listing on industry site Gamasutra is anything to go by:

"On our upcoming project," the notice reads, "[applicants] will be asked to design and build a robust, lag tolerant network system which can support action oriented competitive gameplay between no fewer than eight players... It would be a huge help if he or she has experience with issues relating to peer-to-peer networking over both 56k modem connections and broadband connections."

The listing was picked up on by

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