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Ubi reveals busy Q1

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Flush from the success of the Xbox version of Splinter Cell, Ubi Soft has confirmed the release dates for a number of big titles over the next few months.

The third in its insanely large selling Rayman series debuts on the Cube and GBA on February 21st, with PS2 and Xbox versions appearing two weeks later on March 7th, and a PC version that very few people will care about on March 21th.

Other notables include a no doubt entirely superfluous, but nevertheless loveable new Super Bust A Move 2 game, subtitled 'All Stars' out on the Cube on March 21st, and exclusive for the time being it would seem.

The long awaited new Rainbow Six title - Raven Shield - has also been confirmed for the PC for March 21st; while a Cube version of the ageing Ghost Recon limps out on March 14th.

For the full line up click here.

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