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GBA gets Jet Set

No willies involved

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sega's fantastic Jet Set Radio is coming to Game Boy Advance, courtesy of Vicarious Visions. VV is the team that brought us the highly successful handheld versions of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and according to a US release from publisher THQ, we can expect a similar isometric style to the visuals.

However, the developer is hoping to leverage its significant experience in this area to really capture the essence of the Dreamcast original (and not the questionable Xbox update released earlier this year). As with the original, players must tag specific areas (and folks) with their graffiti as they travel through five different city environments as one of ten playable characters, all the while mixmaster Professor K's scratching hip-hop and techno beats reverberate around the... GBA's tinny single speaker. Ho hum.

Still, there will also be multiplayer modes (Out Tag, Turf Wars, Jet, Throw down and Tricky) for up to four players, and quite frankly the prospect of playing the original Jet Set Radio on the move after the disappointment of this year's Xbox update, is really quite appealing.

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