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ELSPA's golden Vice

Further plaudits

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Image credit: Eurogamer

GTA3 was the first title ever to receive an ELSPA Diamond for over one million sales. Now, GTA: Vice City has become the fastest ever to claim an ELSPA Gold.

Vice City, which launched on November 8, claimed an ELSPA Gold Award for sales of over 200,000 within two days of launch. Even ELSPA predicts that it will soon receive Platinum, Double Platinum and Diamond awards in rapid succession.

Although none could claim to carjack Vice City's thunder, ELSPA has also honoured a number of strong sellers which continue to amass awards many months after launch. Topping the list, Championship Manager: Season 00/01 is the first PC game in a while to collect an ELSPA Platinum for surpassing 300,000 units.

Elsewhere, Crazy Taxi (PS2, week 23 of 2001), Spyro: Year of the Dragon (PSX, week 45 of 2000) and Spider-Man (PSX, week 38 of 2000) have all picked up Golds and for sales of more than 100,000 units, FA Premier League Manager (PSX), week 40 of 1999) and Stuntman (PS2, week 36 of 2002) both collect Silvers.

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