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Konami withdraws Dancing Stage

Technical problem

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Konami has told retailers to withdraw from sale copies of Dancing Stage - Party Edition for the PlayStation one, which was released last Friday. In a statement released earlier today, the developer/publisher explained that although the game works fine on PlayStation 2 hardware, there is an errant crash bug when it comes to some, "possibly all", PSX and PSone consoles.

Replicating the bug is quite simple, although Konami is understandably sheepish about releasing exact details. Those with access to a copy can pop the game in a PSX and it will work fine up to a point, if you stick to some of the various modes of play, "but if certain other modes are chosen the game freezes".

"At this moment Sony are carrying out various tests to discover why this problem is occurring and we will update you as soon as we can," Konami told retailers this morning, before recommending withdrawal of the game from store shelves.

Customers affected by the bug are told to return the game to retailers, who should be happy to refund. Konami is expected to re-release the game at a later date once Sony QA gets to the bottom of the problem.

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