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CDV launches Airborne Assault on UK

Imported US RTS – classy!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

CDV has signed up and plans to bring another real-time strategy game to the UK. Airborne Assault: Red Devils Over Arnhem will soon find its way onto retailers' shelves, having only previously been available via the website. Or rather, it'll find its way exclusively onto the shelves of GAME branches across the UK as of November 29th.

Airborne Assault allows players to command either Axis or Allied troops taking in the midst of Operation Market Garden, which saw British and American troops parachuted behind enemy lines to try and capture various key bridges. As various films, books and even games have demonstrated, things did not going according to plan, and Airborne Assault will dramatise events with more than 440 different units to take into battles featuring over 80,000 men. That said, we're not looking at a game to rival C&C Generals in the looks department - a simple, vector-based theatre of war is promised, which allows for the huge numbers of units involved.

And as you might expect from a game made by and distributed over the internet, there's a strong multiplayer element with LAN and internet games possible. Otherwise, there are 22 scenarios to overcome, and players are also free to create their own.

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