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Spearhead for the weekend, sir?

Standalone MOHAA expansion demo out on Saturday

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Those of you who, like us, found 2015's Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault a rather splendid addition to the packed FPS genre, will be pleased to hear that a standalone demo of the expansion pack is due out this weekend. The Spearhead demo will be made available at sometime on November 9th.

What's more, the demo will include an exclusive multiplayer level, Malta, which does not appear in the full version of the game (always an odd decision - what if it turns out to be really popular? And if not, why's it being used to sell the game?), and the Tug-of-War map Druckkammern (Tug-of-War mode being the UT Domination-ish game where teams struggle to control areas of the map). The demo also includes four new skins for British, Russian, American and German troops as well as a new axis weapon.

It's also worth pointing out that though the Spearhead demo will be standalone, the full version of the expansion isn't. You will need a copy of Allied Assault handy to play the game, as we learnt late last week when we got our hands on the game, and had to go out and sheepishly purchase a copy of Allied Assault to make up for the one we purloined then gave away earlier this year. Ulp.

Early impressions of Spearhead are quite promising. Although it isn't 2015 at the controls this time, EALA has apparently done a very good job of recreating the intense atmosphere its predecessor handled with such care. The demo should be well worth examining. We'll let you know when you can.

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