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Sign-up for PlanetSide beta

Play Verant’s FPS MMORPG before everyone else

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Apparently it's very difficult to find beta testers these days. Everywhere you look, PC developers are running around with their hands flailing in the air screaming "my kingdom for a pan-European PC-owning focus group!" Fortunately, they've managed to convince the powers-that-be that the Internet is full of useful individuals, and that beta-testing should be open to anybody with the ability to type their name and email address into a form.

Sony Online is the latest high profile publisher to subscribe to this theory, and that's why you can sign up to be one of 1,000 testers who will get early access to Verant's upcoming online FPS PlanetSide by going here.

PlanetSide is the world's first persistent-world first person shooter, and takes place on a world spanning multiple continents. We suggest that any eager beavers keen to get their hands on it hightail it to Sony's sign-up page. Demand is sure to be high for places.

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