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Knights round the campfire

LucasArts tells the story of KOTOR

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LucasArts has revealed much of the back-story to immensely anticipated BioWare Jedi-RPG Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. You can read it here. However, for those of you too impatient to click the link, it goes something like this.

"Four thousand years before the release of Xbox, the Lucas line was at its most vulnerable state. Devastatingly poor sales of Episode I games had shaken the dynasty to its very core, and left the publisher's defences crippled.

"Sensing this weakness, the warlike Journalorians wrote a series of brutal articles about the disappointing line-up. In desperation, Lucas turned to the BioWare Council for aid. The learned Masters wanted to proceed with customary caution and due care before embarking on a long and destructive development schedule; however, more immediate help came in the form of the second young Jedi Knight game, which allayed fears for the time being.

"Ignoring the dictates of the BioWare Council though, charismatic press representatives recruited many to the Xbox cause, rallying the impulsive youth of the Order with cries of 'screenshots' and 'movies'. With PR at the head of a great fleet, they set forth to drive the invaders back. The Journalorian Wars were long and bloody, and many PRs perished in the struggle to convince that Knights Of The Old Republic would appear south of Christmas. Yet, at its end, the PRs emerged triumphant, hailed as heroes, because KOTOR looked absolutely stunning."

Even if it isn't out until next year.

To read more about Revan and Malak and their descent to Dark Jedihood, please journey to the LucasArts website.

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