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Ben Hurtles closer

Chariots of screenshots

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As has been known for a while, Microids France is working on a licensed adaptation of fifties chariot-racing spectacular Ben Hur, starring a bloke who will no doubt resemble Charlton Heston (despite our best efforts to have him removed - last time we employ apes, that's for sure). Microids has this week released a few more details (and screenshots) of the game. The developer has realised many of Ancient Rome's majestic coliseums, mixing legend with history and taking us from Pompeii and Olympus to the Pantheon and Guizeh. Players will have to wield all manner of weapons and spells in these brutal exhibition races, fighting across more than 17 tracks to become King of the Arena.

You control your chariot by managing the driving and the stamina of your horses, whilst juggling your weaponry (which can include javelins, axes, shields, swords, you name it). You can also cast spells and even call upon the Gods to get the most powerful ones (healing, magic attack, traps and skill upgrades). Outside the arena, you can upgrade and trade your chariot, buy new wheels, horses, weapons and more.

Admittedly, for the moment the screenshots aren't exactly gobsmackingly good, despite Microids protestations to the contrary, but at the very least we'll get to send Charlton Heston to his doom, and that's something the dreadful Circus Maximus couldn't offer us earlier this year.

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