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Eidos launches Monkey Assist

The furred emergency service

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Image credit: Eurogamer

To celebrate the-week-after-next's release of TimeSplitters 2 on PlayStation 2, Xbox, Eidos has launched Monkey Assist, a service dedicated to answering your requests - whatever they may be. So, if you want someone to pay off your debts, make you king of the world, or just to fetch you another beer from the fridge, Eidos' Monkey Assist service aims to answer your call, as long as you live in one of the areas they'll be visiting; London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh, Southampton, Birmingham and Brighton, over the next few weeks.

Helping out wherever they can...

If you're confused by the association between Monkey Assist and TimeSplitters, it's all to do with the monkeys in the game, who try to offer help and guidance wherever possible. Eidos' Monkey Assist will do just about anything, and has already assisted in a marriage proposal, a letter of resignation and paying off a debt. Requests can be phoned in to 09017 030 130, or, alternatively, texted to 07786 200 205. But beware, these are premium rate numbers. Cheeky monkeys.

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