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Online Battlefield 1942

Multiplayer demo now available

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The long awaited multiplayer demo for Battlefield 1942 has finally arrived, giving punters the chance to battle it out over the internet while they wait for the full game to land on store shelves in late September. Weighing in at a rather hefty 125Mb or thereabouts, the demo features a single map (Wake Island), all five player classes and a selection of vehicles, including a dive bomber, fighter plane, APC and fast moving jeep. A single teamplay mode is on offer, which basically boils down to killing the enemy until they run out of lives, although you can also reduce their pool of lives by capturing control points. To see if the game can live up to the hype, grab the demo from any of the following sites -

download from Barrysworld (UK)

download from Blue's News (USA)

download from FilePlanet (USA)

download from EA (UK)

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