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Unreal Torment

UT 2003 may live up to its name

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Infogrames' decision to subtitle Unreal Tournament's sequel 2003 may yet prove to have been a prescient move, with another delay in the game's release pushing its arrival back towards the autumn. The last date that we received from Infogrames was August 2nd, but that was already looking increasingly unlikely given the lack of a demo or any kind of announcement on the game's completion. The bad news is that the latest information is that it's unlikely to appear in Europe until October now, while most of the big US retailers are already listing it for the tail end of September on their side of the pond. To ease the blow though, Infogrames have released a fresh batch of screenshots taken from the game, varying from another outdoors scene to some techno-gothic architecture which could have escaped from Quake 3. Related Feature - UT 2003 screenshots

Maybe they're just waiting for someone to release a graphics card capable of rendering this kind of detail at a respectable frame rate?

Thanks - Gameplay

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