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EA Shox world with another rally game

Because we simply do not have enough of the things now, do we?

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Rallisport Challenge is the current pinnacle of rally games. Then there's V-Rally 3, which is pretty good. Colin McRae 3 is due out shortly and the Codies reckon Col' will retrieve his crown without braking a sweat. Sorry, breaking. But there are hundreds of rally games, on virtually every format. Do we really need any more? Excuse me while I sample this fruity beverage. The man from EA - he say "yeah!" EA Sports BIG has leapt into the fray recently with the announcement of Shox, an allegedly PS2-exclusive rally game due out this autumn. Who cares? You should. This being EA Sports BIG, there's a chance that it might actually be innovative as well as worth buying. Or it could be SSX on wheels, but it doesn't look that way at the moment. Of course at its heart it's a basic rally title, with 24 licensed "high voltage" [oh yes? -Ed] vehicles, and circuits set in the snow, sand and jungle. Dusty roads, icy powerslides and disgruntled llamas - at least two of those elements are promised. But Shox gets its name from the PR-tastically named Shox Zones scattered around critical stretches of track. When entering these zones, "time seems to stop as cars catch air and all sounds come to a standstill in one-eye-closed anticipation of the outcome": which is either some sort of clever landing or a multi-car pile-up. Performance in individual Shox Zones is rewarded by Bronze, Silver and Gold placements, which in typical BIG style supplement your final score with bonus points. Points meaning prizes. Shox is due out this autumn, and thanks to our friends at EA you can sample a number of screenshots between now and then, starting with these. Clear evidence of jaggies suggests that most of these shots are taken from the game itself (it's sad that we have to clarify these days, but there you go), and the visuals are certainly detailed - let's just hope the game can sustain a decent frame rate when it hits. Related Feature - Shox screenshots

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