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Capcom announces Dino Crisis 3

It looks like an Xbox exclusive, with jetpacks and aliens

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Capcom has unveiled its latest Xbox project - Shinji Mikami's Dino Crisis 3. Apparently an Xbox exclusive, this latest instalment of the popular series sees a team of intergalactic Marines trapped onboard a Colony Spaceship infested with cold-blooded beasts. This latest addition to Capcom's stable of survival horror games is already taking shape and two visually impressive screenshots accompanied the Japanese announcement. A very major new addition to the game is jet propulsion packs, and what with jetpacks and only vaguely dino-related alien badguys, the game seems to be shaping up in a similar way to Sega's Gun Valkyrie. Except that it will be frightening in the traditional sense, and not frighteningly difficult instead. Capcom's mastery of the "alone and scared" genre is unrivalled, but Dino Crisis 3 will see players fighting as a team to survive. Whether this will stretch to multiplayer modes is difficult to say, but with Resident Evil Online already threatening to do that on PlayStation 2, it wouldn't surprise us. Related Feature - Dino Crisis 3 screenshots

Source - press release

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