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Deus Ex movie

Now here's a film we can get excited about

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Deus Ex could be coming to a cinema near you in the not-so-distant future. Eidos have announced a deal with Columbia Pictures to develop a film based on the award-winning PC game, with Spider-Man producer Laura Ziskin heading up the project and work already underway on a script. As in the game, the main protaganist will be JC Denton, a nano-tech enhanced counter-terrorist agent who gets caught up in a web of conspiracies. With its dark futuristic setting, solid characters and an involving storyline, it's certainly one of the best choices for a movie adaptation we've seen recently, and a far cry from the kind of plot-free tripe like Crazy Taxi, Tekken and Soul Calibur which has been getting green lit in the wake of Tomb Raider's box office success. "With the brand awareness of the title and a fantastically conceived hero at the core of this film, we feel we can develop Deus Ex as a potential franchise for the studio", Columbia's Peter Schlessel revealed. "Our challenge will be capturing all the story elements that have made this one of the most popular PC games and delivering a film that has a distinctive look, execution and feel." This is one game to movie adaptation we're actually looking forward to. Related Feature - Deus Ex machina

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