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Agent Under NightFire

New Bond game on way to every platform under the sun

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Hot off the back of their successful first person shooter Agent Under Fire at the tail end of last year, EA have announced that another Bond adventure is on its way from them. Promising to leave players "shaken and stirred" (oh dear), the new game will be available on PC, PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox towards the end of the year. Titled NightFire, it again features an original storyline, rather than following the plot of the forthcoming 20th Bond movie, Die Another Day. As such you will find yourself exploring exotic locations ranging from the Austrian Alps to the South Pacific as you try to track down an evil criminal mastermind called Rafael Drake, who has cunningly disguised his organisation and its plans for world domination as a bunch of tree-hugging environmentalists. Obviously this game is going to be a big hit with Greenpeace then. As in Agent Under Fire there will be a wide range of Q department gadgets and fast cars to play with, although the driving levels (designed by the team behind the Need For Speed series) will be exclusive to the console versions of the game for some reason. To compensate, the PC version will feature a few extra pedestrian levels and "robust multi-player support". Indeed, the various versions of the game are actually being developed by two different companies, with Britain's Eurocom Entertainment handling console duties and perennial Half-Life expanders Gearbox dealing with the PC. All four versions should be out by the end of the year though, and no doubt we'll see more of them in the wake of E3 later this month. Related Feature - Agent Under Fire review

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