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Cube gets Gamester peripherals

Radica announces not one, not two, but eight product launches

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Radica, the company behind the ubiquitous range of Gamester accessories, has announced its launch line up of GameCube peripherals, as developed by an international team and hopefully fairly ergonomic and durable throughout. The range consists of two major controllers; the "GameCube Pro Racer" handheld steering wheel at £19.99, and the fairly standard "GameCube Controller" at £14.99, and diversifies into memory cards, storage cases and connection leads, including the GBA link cable. Radica MD John Doughty commented: "The launch of the GameCube provides us with another perfect opportunity to assert ourselves as the UK's leading third party manufacturer," he explained, referring to the recent Xbox launch in Europe, which Gamester was able to capitalise on during a period of poor supply for high-end extras like the RGB SCART cable.

A column-free, handheld steering wheel - well I never

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