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CDV confirm Cossacks II

Napoleonic strategy game in the works

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Last year we exclusively revealed that GSC Game World were planning a Napoleonic sequel to their chart topping real-time strategy game Cossacks. This week publisher CDV have officially unveiled the game, adding a brief product page about it to their website with some details of what we can expect (but sadly no screenshots yet). Due out late next year, the sequel will feature 3D graphics for the first time while still allowing a staggering 32,000 units in a single battle, with a hundred different troop types available across the ten European nations featured in the game. And although it's subtitled Napoleonic Wars, Cossacks II will actually span over three centuries of European conflict from the 16th century right up to Waterloo. Six full campaigns, ten historical battles and a dozen stand-alone missions should keep you busy for a few weeks, and of course there will be extensive multiplayer support on offer as well, including an intriguing sounding European Conquest mode. Expect to hear a lot more about this one in the coming months... Related Feature - GSC Cossacks interview

Source - CDV website

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