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Activision Wrecks PS2

European launch title no longer "only on Xbox"

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Activision last night announced that a PlayStation 2 version of their Xbox driving game Wreckless : The Yakuza Missions is on the way. Unusually the PS2 version of the game will offer a number of much-needed enhancements over the lacklustre Xbox original, including "free-roaming interactive environments", almost twice as many cars to drive, sub-missions to carry out, cheat codes to unlock, and a new head-to-head multiplayer mode, giving you the chance to run your friends off the road split-screen stylee. Whether any of this will actually make the game fun to play is doubtful, but it certainly can't hurt. We'll also be interested to see how much of the overwhelming eye candy present in the Xbox version can be crammed into the PS2's relatively limited memory. The answer should be apparent soon, with Wreckless expected to crash on to Sony's console this autumn. Related Feature - Wreckless screenshots (Xbox)

Wreckless on the Xbox. But what will the PS2 version look like?

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