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LSP joins war on terror

CT Special Forces, coming soon to a GameBoy near you

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Image credit: Eurogamer

French games company Light & Shadow Production has announced another new GameBoy Advance title, this time a good old fashioned shooter called CT Special Forces. Bringing back fond memories of my BBC Micro days, the game features a mix of side-on run and gun action and top-down helicopter mayhem, as well as including a sniper rifle for you to pick people off with from a safe distance. In all there are twelve stages to complete, spread across the traditional desert, jungle, city and mountain locations, along with end of level bosses (or "heavily equipped warlords" in this case) to take care of, and a range of "ultra-realistic" weaponry such as rocket launchers and flamethrowers to toast them with. CT Special Forces will be infiltrating the UK on June 21st. Related Feature - Special Forces screenshots

Source - press release

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