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GT Advances again

And it's "batteries included" this time

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THQ have announced that they will be publishing GT Advance : Championship Racing 2 in Europe some time this summer. The original was one of the more entertaining GBA launch titles last June, but was marred by the removal of the Japanese version's battery backup function, inexplicably replaced by daft 16 character alphanumeric passwords for the European release. The good news is that the sequel will suffer from no such shortcoming, with a proper save game system being promised this time round. GT Advance 2 will sport 42 tracks spread across 14 stages, with a variety of different settings and weather conditions on offer over the course of the championship. You'll also have the chance to get behind the wheel of 15 rally cars, which come complete with a navigator calling instructions to you as you career around the courses. Throw in half a dozen single player modes and two player head-to-head races, along with a replay system to relive your antics after the race, and THQ may have hit the jackpot. As long as they leave the battery in this time... Related Feature - GT Advance review

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