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Bzzzz .. Ouch!

Insects invade PC and next generation consoles in Stung!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A new insect menace is emerging from the wilds of Norfolk, where Prey Digital Studios are hard at work genetically splicing insect DNA into the first person shooter genre. Enter Stung!, an action game where you take on the role of a tiny fly with an itchy finger. Apparently a horde of vengeful genetically engineered insects have escaped from a top secret Ministry of Defence research center which was (ahem) mothballed at the end of the Cold War. Now the MOD have decided that the best way to contain this angry swarm is to revive another insect warrior prototype to fight them. That would be you then. Along the way you will get to battle a wide range of heavily armed bugs and creepy crawlies, while facing lethal obstacles such as flypaper, steaming kettles, spider webs and bug spray. Stung! will also feature full multiplayer support, with a mixture of deathmatch and teamplay modes, all with an insect slant. For example, Capture The Flea awards you points for holding on to the eponymous creature, while Protect The Queen tasks you with defending a queen ant against your opponents as they try to break into your nest. There's no word yet on when the game will be released, and the developers are still looking for a pubisher. What we do know is that PC and next generation console versions are on the way, and it all looks very, very odd... Related Feature - Stung! screenshots

It's a bit weird really.

Source - press release

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