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Schizm comes to Britain

Mindscape to publish adventure game in UK and Ireland

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Mindscape have announced that they will be publishing the Polish developed adventure game Schizm : Mysterious Journey in the UK and Ireland some time within the next three months. Available on 5 CD-Roms or a pair of shiny DVDs, the game was written by award-winning Australian sci-fi author Terry Dowling and sports gorgeous pre-rendered graphics which bear an uncanny resemblance to those found in the Myst series. As you would expect from a modern adventure game, you can admire this glorious scenery in full 360 degree spinny-rotatey™ glory, but Schizm also features positional audio effects and dynamic music. One to keep an ear open for when it launches in the UK this spring then. Related Feature - Schizm screenshots

Source - press release

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