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Ecks vs PS2

Action movie comes to console

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Confirming what we all knew already, Bam! have officially announced that a PlayStation 2 version of Ecks vs Sever is in the works, based on the conspiracy-laden action film of the same name. Like the eponymous GameBoy Advance shooter, the game will give you control of both FBI agent Jonathan Ecks (played by Antonio Banderas in the film) and rogue NSA operative Sever (as portrayed by the delectable Lucy Lui), with seperate but intertwining missions for each. Four player split-screen action will also be on offer, along with an array of semi-realistic weapons to blast away with as you rampage your way through alleyways, railway sidings, and of course the inevitable sewers. Ecks vs Sever is being developed for the PS2 by Zombie Studios, the company behind the Spec Ops series, Rainbow Six : Covert Ops and .. er .. Disney's Atlantis. Related Feature - Ecks vs Sever

And you thought Britain's railways were dangerous

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