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AMD launch new chips

Desktop Athlon XP 2100+, mobile Athlon 4 1600+, includes pricing

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Yesterday at CeBIT 2002 in Hannover, AMD unveiled its Athlon XP 2100+ processor for desktop users, clocking in at 1.73GHz, along with an Athlon 4 1600+ processor for notebooks, operating at a slightly more sedate 1.4GHz. The chip giant also demonstrated new Athlon MP 2000+ for servers and workstations. Pricing on the new desktop chip is said to start at $420 (£296 / €478), but as always that's only if you happen to buy it in quantities of 1,000 units or more. In reality, it's not quite so bleak a picture. Bolton based e-tailer Scan is flogging the new, top-end Athlon XP chips for £239+VAT, roughly £280. The new Athlon 4 is expected to start appearing at the centre of top-end notebooks in due course. Coupled with a new GeForce 2 GO or Mobile Radeon, it should make quite an impression, and arrives just in time to compete with Intel's recently announced Pentium 4 processor-M. Related Feature - Pentium 4 goes mobile

Source - The Inquirer

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