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Wing Commander comes to TV

Oh please god no, make the pain stop

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Not satisfied with butchering the Wing Commander franchise by writing and directing quite possibly the worst game to movie conversion in history (and let's face it, that's no mean feat), Chris Roberts is now digging up the rotting carcass to produce a Wing Commander TV series. According to the website of his new company, Point of No Return, "Chris Roberts (a.k.a. "gaming God") [sic] does it again", which doesn't bode well. The promise of "in your face action and incredible special effects - TV style" hardly fills us with confidence either. We can only hope that Chris has hired somebody who actually knows what they're doing this time, because we still bear the emotional scars of accidentally stumbling across the Wing Commander movie on a cable TV channel during a visit to New York a couple of years back. Of course, Chris Roberts may decide to go back to doing a job he knows something about - developing games - instead of playing at being a movie director. The PNR website does mention that the company is planning to work on episodic games to be delivered via broadband, as well as films and television series, but as they seem to be under the misapprehension that they invented the whole concept, and then go on to talk about multimedia revolutions and teams of visionaries, we're a little worried that Chris and co may have vanished up their own creative posteriors. Related Feature - Chris Roberts "a bit too ambitious"

Source - PNR Entertainment website

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