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Resident Evil's cinema Nemesis

Horror survival franchise coming back for a second bite at the big screen?

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The first movie hasn't even hit the screens yet, but already there's talk of a Resident Evil sequel being in the works. Actor Eric Mabius told the Sci-Fi channel's website that "when Bernd Eichinger, the head of Constantin Films, saw an early cut in December, he wanted Paul [Anderson] to start writing the sequel". Apparently pre-sales are strong and "Sony is demanding a sequel already", which Eric admitted "wasn't really anticipated". And despite early indications that the script was "horrible at best", more recent reviews have actually been quite positive. Could we be about to see the first truly good game to film translation? Geordie director Paul Anderson's CV is something of a mixed bag, ranging from Mortal Kombat and brainless Kurt Russell action movie Soldier to the creepy sci-fi horror flick Event Horizon, so your guess is as good as mine. Resident Evil acts as a prequel to Capcom's multi-million selling games, showing how the virus got loose in an underground lab beneath Raccoon City, but apparently the sequel will take the action topside into the city itself and will feature Nemesis, as seen in the game Resident Evil 3. As the third game in the series was set between the first and second ones, this would actually make some sense. Further details are scant at this stage, but no doubt we'll start to hear more after the first film is released in America next week. Update - The Hollywood Reporter has now confirmed that a deal has been signed to bring Paul Anderson back as writer and producer (but apparently not director) for the sequel, currently going under the name of Resident Evil : Nemesis. The new film will include a mixture of surviving characters from the first movie and familiar faces from the video game series, such as Jill Valentine and/or Claire Redfield. "After Mortal Kombat, I wasn't involved in Annihilation, and the audience that we built up with the first film wasn't happy with the sequel, which killed the film franchise", Paul Anderson explained. "I wouldn't want that to happen with Resident Evil, so I'll be involved in the sequel." Related Feature - Disaster Movies

Source - Sci Fi Wire (spotted on Dark Horizons) / Hollywood Reporter (warning - spoilers!)

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