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Tekken movie in the works

Lara has a lot to answer for

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The success of Lara Croft : Tomb Raider has sparked a new wave of video game inspired movies, and following yesterday's announcement that State Of Emergency was to be turned into a film, today we have heard that Tekken is on its way to the big screen as well. The guilty parties in this case are Crystal Sky, who are responsible for a host of diabolically bad movies that you probably won't have heard of, and Gaga Communications, a Japanese group that is probably best known in the west for co-producing a cartoon based on Raymond Briggs' Father Christmas. Hardly an auspicious start then.

It's also fairly obvious that Crystal Sky CEO Steven Paul has never played Tekken in his life, as he describes the game as having "a wonderful story". Or maybe we were just too busy bludgeoning our opponents into the ground last time we played Tekken Tag Tournament to notice the intricate plot and deep, emotionally involving characters that obviously mark this game apart from the rest of the beat 'em up genre.

Source - Hollywood Reporter

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