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Superman lands on Xbox

Man Of Steel comes to Box Of Lead

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Infogrames have confirmed that work is underway on Superman : The Man Of Steel, an action game for the Xbox which puts you in the bright red boots of the world's most famous superhero. Designed in association with DC Comics, the game will task you with defending Metropolis against Brainiac 13, Lex Luthor and a "legion of malevolent robots". As well as the towering skyscrapers of the big city, you will also get to venture into outer space and visit Phantom Zone and Warworld. Which presumably means more to Superman comic book fans than it does to me. This being a Superman game, you will naturally be more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and missions will vary from beating up robots on the ground and in the air to rescuing innocent bystanders from peril and dealing with potential disasters. Superman's super senses will also be on call to zoom in on trouble spots and hunt out enemies with X-ray and heat vision. No doubt we won't need any super powers to spot copies of Superman winging their way on to store shelves come the autumn. But will they move faster than a speeding bullet, or flop limply to the ground under the radioactive influence of that strange luminescent green blob on the Xbox? Tune in next week to find out... Related Feature - Superman screenshots

Superman stands watch over Metropolis

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