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Flashpoint goes behind enemy lines

New add-on pack for award-winning action game on the way

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Codemasters have announced that a second add-on pack for award-winning Cold War combat game Operation Flashpoint is on the way. As the title suggests, Resistance will put you in the boots of a resistance fighter called Victor Troska, a former Soviet special forces soldier who finds himself in conflict with his former employers as they invade the island he has retired to. Acting as a prequel to the original game, Resistance takes place several years before the events of Operation Flashpoint and offers up a whole new island to battle your way across, featuring some hundred square kilometres of terrain. The focus this time is more on gathering recruits and equipment rather than romping around in helicopter gunships and tanks, as the resistance initially has few resources to fight off the Soviet invaders. Having said that, the game will add new weapons and vehicles to play with, as well as improved network code and a range of new multiplayer missions set on the island. We should know soon how this will stack up compared to the original game, as it's currently aiming for a June 21st release.

Source - press release

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