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Wolfenstein on PS2 and Xbox

Activision seeks Raster's help in converting Gray Matter's eclectic Nazithon shooter

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Wolfenstein could be on the verge of another return, this time to Xbox and PlayStation 2. Having recently purchased developer Gray Matter, Activision has set the wheels in motion on the console versions of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Due out later this year in America, the console re-releases will feature all the action, excitement and adventure of the PC version, although Activision has released precious little information so far. It looks as though the developer in this case will be Raster, the team responsible for the successful Dreamcast version of Quake III Arena. Also, CEO of id Software Todd Hollenshead commented on his company's involvement. "We're working with Raster on a number of technical and design modifications that will provide Xbox and PlayStation 2 owners a definitive gaming experience that is designed and built for their systems." Whether either or both of the conversions will ship with multiplayer support - arguably the meat and gravy of the game - is as-yet unconfirmed, but given that both will fall well on the other side of Sony and Microsoft's broadband network deployments, we can only assume options will be included. If not, we fully expect to see split-screen and LAN compatibility as an absolute minimum. Related Feature - Return to Castle Wolfenstein review

Source - Core Magazine

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