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Eidos begins 2002

First quarter line-up

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Eidos has unveiled its first quarter line-up for 2002. Reeking strongly of PlayStation 2, but with a dash of Xbox in places, the line-up includes Deus Ex : The Conspiracy for PlayStation 2, as well as the long-awaited Herdy Gerdy for PS2 and Xbox-only Hitman 2 : Silent Assassin. March sees the release of Blood Omen 2 and Commandos 2, both of which will be available for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, while the PS2 gets one-up once again with EOE : Eve of Extinction for PS2. Here's that list in full:

January -   Salt Lake - PS2 February -   Deus Ex : The Conspiracy - PS2 March -   Blood Omen 2 - PS2, Xbox    Commandos 2 - PS2, Xbox   EOE : Eve of Extinction - PS2    Herdy Gerdy - PS2   Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - Xbox

Source - ConsoleWire

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