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CDV Strikes Back

Sudden Strike sequel announced for next year

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CDV and Russian developers Fireglow have announced that they are working on a sequel to their hit real-time strategy game Sudden Strike, imaginatively titled Sudden Strike 2. The follow-up looks suspiciously like the original game, but this time round the British, German, Russian and American armies will have some new neighbours as the Japanese launch a sneak attack on gamers around the world, while the French have apparently surrendered their place in the sequel in the face of this oriental onslaught. Quelle surprise. The sequel's battles and campaigns are expected to have a firmer basis in historical fact, and a more realistic damage model is also being promised, along with a range of other tweaks and tucks to the gameplay. With a spring release on the cards, we should know soon whether this is a true sequel or a mission pack with delusions of grandeur.

Sudden Strike 2 - spot the difference

Source - press release

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