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Q cracked

Panasonic GameCube-alike device susceptible for region mod

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Q, the Panasonic-manufactured DVD player / console derived from Nintendo's GameCube, is susceptible to the same region cracking Nintendo's native console can be fooled by, although the procedure for 'fixing' it is a lot trickier thanks to the physical layout of the Q's innards. Hong Kong importers Lik-Sang have already cracked the Q, and plan to ship pre-modified versions of the unit this week. The modding process is recorded in pictures here. Of course, it's worth noting that although the Q can play DVDs, there is no recorded method of region hacking for that part of the device, so you are limited to Region 2. That's assuming the Q can even play PAL discs - Japanese Region 2 discs are NTSC. Like the GameCube, we have to assume that Q is extremely exclusive about its video output needs, too, so if you're thinking about buying one, make sure your television can display native NTSC…

Source - Lik-Sang

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