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SSX Tricky ships...

... on GameCube in the States, and later this week for PS2 in Europe

SSX Tricky has shipped on GameCube in the USA, following a release on PlayStation 2 earlier this month. The game is an update-cum-sequel to arguably the PS2's most favourable launch title and features the musical talents of the Beastie Boys amongst others, and uncredited voice-acting from actors and singers including Macy Gray and Oliver Platt. He of Lake Placid (cough) fame. SSX Tricky is one of the most eagerly awaited titles on PlayStation 2 and GameCube around here this Christmas, due out this Friday (the 30th) on PlayStation 2, and on the 8th of March for GameCube if EA's release dates schedule is to be believed. Amidst all this speculation on the GameCube's actual release date in Europe, EA are keeping schtum. Related Feature - SSX review

Source - ConsoleWire