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Nocturne goes to the movies

Film and new console games on the way

The success of the deeply unimpressive Tomb Raider movie has spawned a whole new generation of potentially lousy game-to-movie adaptations, and the latest to join the queue at the bandwagon jumper's guild is Nocturne. Collision Entertainment and Dimension Films (who are currently producing movies based on Max Payne and American McGee's Alice) are behind the effort. Further fear comes from the fact that Mortal Kombat 2 and Hellbound co-writer Brent Friedman is working on the script, although one faint ray of hope is the disclosure that Steve De Jarnatt, the man behind Miracle Mile, is also on board. Other details are thin on the ground at this early stage, but it looks like the movie will rather loosely follow the game's story of a shadowy government agency called the Spookhouse which investigates paranormal goings on. Producer Scott Faye promised that "the film will play like a supernatural Untouchables, retaining the spirit of the game while introducing new characters and a solid, three-act action-adventure story line". And in a fit of exuberant enthusiasm and/or sheer optimism he declared that "Nocturne .. has the potential to become the next Mummy franchise". The game's developers at Terminal Reality are already preparing to cash-in accordingly. "When we began developing the game in 1997, the idea was to open up a franchise that blended pure horror with serialized pulp fiction stories", creative director Drew Haworth confirmed, adding that future Nocturne titles will be released on the latest generation of console systems. "Since PC and console game players are a different audience, we plan on reinventing the franchise with the console games. We'll create a brand-new game experience with a new 3-D camera perspective for a more action-oriented, Hollywood feel, while remaining true to the elements of the 'Nocturne' universe." Related Feature - Nocturne review

Source - The Hollywood Reporter (spotted on Dark Horizons)