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Ghost in the LAN

Win £1,000 playing Ghost Recon

and LAN Arena have teamed up with UbiSoft to run a nationwide Ghost Recon tournament, which is currently underway at their venues in London, Leicester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Bristol and Maidenhead. All you need to do to enter is show up at one of the LAN gaming centers between now and November 18th, where you will be given the chance to play the Ghost Recon demo. Bizarrely, although the competition is a four player team event, the first round results are determined by who scores the highest number of frags in a single player mission, and solo players can apparently go along and enter by themselves and then form a team later. The top eight teams from each venue will then go through to the second phase, taking place on the 19th, 20th or 21st of November, which will use fifteen minute search and rescue teamplay matches to find the best team. The final stage will consist of an online knock-out competition between the top teams from each venue, with the winning team taking home £1,000 in cash, the runners-up getting BB guns to terrorise the neighbours with, and the third place team walking off with copies of the game. For a full breakdown of the rules and addresses for all the venues, check the Ghost Recon tournament page on The Playing Fields website. Related Feature - Ghost Recon preview