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Sony announce Gran Turismo Concept

More of a spin-off than an outright sequel, though

SCE is working on a new Gran Turismo title to showcase prototype vehicles the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan, series producer Kazunori Yamauchi revealed yesterday. The game, pencilled in as Gran Turismo Concept, will include cars from six separate manufacturers so far, with eighteen confirmed vehicles including the Mazda RX-8 and Honda Dualnote. The game will be aimed at auto enthusiasts and driving game beginners rather than the GT hardcore, so if you're expecting GT4 you might as well continue to hold your breath. The number of tracks will be smaller than previous titles and vehicle tweaking will be limited. However, the game will retail for a 3,200 yen, a shade over £18. Assuming the game makes it to the West, we can probably look forward to a cheap GT-comparable racer with stunning visuals for next to nought… That said, we're not the sort to go counting our chickens just yet. Related Feature - Gran Turismo 3 review

Source - Core Magazine

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