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VIA to produce its own motherboards

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Motherboard chipset developer VIA, famous for chips that power AMD's Athlon processors, has decided to start its own motherboard production business. Unsurprisingly, the business will focus on its new P4X266 chipset for Pentium 4 processors; the chipset that is currently the centre of a huge legal tussle regarding licenses. VIA claims that in purchasing S3 it obtained an official license to develop chipsets for Pentium 4. Intel says otherwise, and the two are now fighting a drawn out battle in courtrooms around the globe. VIA Platform Solutions Limited, the spin-off company producing the P4X266 'boards, will release PR22-R and Vl33-S motherboards supporting Socket 423 and Socket 478 processors respectively. Other boards for micro ATX cases and such will follow shortly after. That's if VIA Platform Solutions Limited lasts long enough, which Intel will no doubt try and prevent.

Source - The Register

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