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Angel goes snowboarding

Charlies Angel actress Lucy Liu joins star-studded line-up for SSX Tricky

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Electronic Arts have announced that a number of celebrity characters will be included in snowboarding game SSX Tricky, the sequel to the PlayStation 2's top launch title SSX. Amongst the famous people being digitized into the game are Lucy Liu (the Chinese girl from Charlies Angels), David Arquette (Deputy Riley from the Scream trilogy), Billy Zane (the bad guy from Titanic), Oliver Platt (Randy in medical horror movie Flatliners), Patricia Velazquez (Anck Su Namun from the Mummy movies), and bizarrely coiffeured singer Macy Gray. Apparently not content with winning a cabinet-full of awards and selling enough CDs to pave London, Macy is alleged to have swooned "now that I'm a video game character I feel like I've made it, I've finally arrived". How sweet. This motley collection of movie stars and musicians will apparently inspire the "personalities and look" of the characters, as well as providing voices for them in the game. Gamers will even be able to enjoy interviews and "behind the scenes" footage of the stars at work, which will be included as a special feature on the game's DVD. "We believe these personalities, each with their own attitude and style, will make the riders more compelling and the story of SSX Tricky deeper, bringing players back for a unique gaming experience every time", executive producer Steven Rechtschaffner opined. We should know soon whether this is a spark of genius or the deranged ramblings of a madman, as the game is due for release on PlayStation 2 next month, with Xbox and GameCube versions coming to Europe in the spring when the new consoles launch over here. Related Feature - SSX Tricky screenshots

Source - press release

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