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BAM Reigns Fire on PS2

Bizarre post-apocalyptic movie to be turned into a console game

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Following on from the likes of Ecks vs Sever and Driven, bam! have picked up yet another movie license. This time they are planning to publish a PlayStation 2 game based on the forthcoming post-apocalyptic film Reign Of Fire, which is due to arrive in cinemas some time next summer. In the movie Matthew McConaughey (U-751) and Christian Bale (American Psycho) must battle a brood of dragons which were woken up from a particularly long nap by work on the London Underground's Jubilee Line extension, and eventually emerged from under the city to decimate the locals and reign over the survivors. With fire. No, really. The game's storyline follows that of the movie, as McConaughey's group of American resistance fighters team up with Bale's English survivors to hunt down the original dragon. Uniquely though you will be able to play as either a puny human fighting for freedom, or as one of the mighty fire-breathing dragons oppressing them. Either way you will view the action from a third person perspective, with "fierce battles" and a "pyrotechnic maelstrom" being promised, along with dynamic music which adapts to fit the action and all manner of scorched landscapes to explore. Developed by Britain's own Kuju, who have worked on everything from Ka-52 Team Alligator to Microsoft Train Simulator, the Reign of Fire game is expected to appear on shelves shortly after the film is released. It certainly sounds .. interesting. Related Feature - Gamebam advance

Source - press release

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